Humm FAQs


Helloooo! This bit’s super simple. Either sign up here, or you can also sign up during the checkout process when purchasing on our site.
Too easy! Head to Humm’s site and click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link. You’ll get a text message. Read it and follow the steps to confirm your date of birth.

New Humm customer

Yes, but you need to…

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Be a permanent resident of Australia.
  • Have a permanent job (at least 25 hours a week) or be on aged/veteran’s pension.
  • Be sure you’re not insolvent (or declared bankrupt).

Sure thing. Humm is the only ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ service that’s perfect for both the ‘Little things’ and ‘Big things’ in life. It’s fast, easy to use and there’s a wide and ever-increasing range of places to shop.

To start humm-ing, simply click here or download the app and follow the steps. Once you’ve done that you’ll be able to see your account info and take the first steps on your interest-free forever. Woo-hoooo!

What do we mean by ‘Little things’ and ‘Big things’? Here’s the deets…

‘Little Things’
‘Big Things’
Can apply from $1 to $2,000 AUD
Can get pre-approval from $2,000 to $5,000 AUD

With ‘Little things’ you can buy as many items as you like between $1 and $2000 – as long as you stay within your limit. As you buy stuff the amount you have to spend – Humm calls it ‘available spend’ – goes down. And of course, as you repay, that ‘available spend’ figure goes back up again. For ‘Big things’ between $2000 and $5000, available spend can also be bumped back up based on your Terms & Conditions. Just note, a Repeat Purchase fee of $22 is payable on additional buys (while you still have an active payment plan).

Pre-approval's the way to go on this. Apply before you shop, through the humm app. Just tell Humm how much you’d like pre-approved (up to $5,000) or let them pick an amount for you. All you need to do is:

  • Share access to your bank statements for information to help Humm in their approval process.

Once approved you’ll get a barcode which indicates the maximum amount that you can spend. Remember, pre-approval lasts 60 days.

Let’s be clear and set your mind at ease on this one. Your credit score may be checked when you sign up to humm. But don’t worry, this won’t affect your credit score or leave a record on your credit file.

In some cases, Humm do reduce the amount they give you. This is an extra precaution if they don’t know much about you – for example, if you’re new to humm. Over time, as they get to know you better, they may offer to increase this amount.

Humm gets that you have two different types of spending and they've built this insight into the way humm works. First, there’s everyday spending – smaller amounts you want to pay back fast. Then, there’s big ticket items, where you need more time to repay. With humm, you can handle both quickly, easily and from the same app. Makes sense, right?

The short answer is, Humm have to play it safe. For your sake and theirs.

To unpack that in a bit more detail, as a responsible provider of credit, they look at several factors as part of their assessment process. This includes (but it’s not limited to):

  • Your repayment history with other lenders and accounts (e.g. telco, utilities and credit accounts). This helps humm determine whether you can comfortably meet your repayments.
  • Other information you provided which allows humm to consider your application.

For humm applications they take additional factors such as how much you earn, your spending and whether you’re working into consideration. We hope you understand it’s all about Humm being responsible rather than negative, judgemental or anything like that.

For more information we recommend you contact humm directly.

My account

Eaaaasy! Simply login to your account and look for Plan Details on the humm app or website to see your account balance.

Whether you’ve just got married or you’ve decided to change your name by deed-poll to Boaty McBoatface, it’s all good. To change the name on your account, drop humm a line at with a copy of a marriage certificate, driver’s license or passport which shows your correct legal name. Thanks Boaty!

Zero. Nothing. Nada. The technical term humm use is ‘nil balance’. If this is the case for you, it may mean that you may need to either add a credit card or apply for a Boost.

Now that your humm purchase has been fully repaid, your account becomes inactive and there are no more fees or charges to pay. We’d love to help you with the next ‘Little thing’ or ‘Big thing’ you want to buy.

Making payments

It's the ongoing amount you repay on each item you buy – for both ‘Big things’ and ‘Little things’. For ‘Big things’ an initial deposit will be taken in store. For ‘Little things’ your deposit is taken as an upfront payment in your humm account. And remember, payments with humm are completely interest freeee!

Absolutely! Pay your outstanding balance at any time you like – there are no charges or fees to do this.

To find your payout figure, go to the Payments section of the App or the humm website and follow the steps. Or, if you prefer, you can transfer funds to humm. Please note - transfers must be completed three days before your scheduled debit date.

  • Bank Name - ANZ
  • BSB - 012013
  • Account – 838081174
  • Account Name – Humm Australia
  • Transaction reference - Your purchase number

Once your balance has been repaid in full – and as long as you have no other active purchases – your account will become inactive and you won’t be charged any fees.

You sure can. Using the Pay Now feature you can make early repayments on an active purchase at any time. You’ll need to have an active debit or credit card on your account to do this.

If you don’t have an active debit or credit card on your account, simply add one before using Pay Now. Here’s how:

  • Go to Settings, Payment Methods, Add New Card, fill out the details, click Add Card. Please note that your bank will place a hold of $1.00 on your nominated credit card. For further information, you’ll need to get in touch with your bank.

Right now, we’re not set up to process one-off additional repayments through our app or online - but that function is coming soon. Please give Humm a shout on 1800 088 151, between 7.30am – 7.30pm Mon - Fri and 7:30am - 5:30pm Sat (AEST) and our Support Team will be able to help.

Ezipay/Oxipay customers

Please make sure you have the latest version of othe humm app and that you’ve added a valid credit or debit card to your account.

Once you’re logged in, if you can’t see the amount you have to spend or details of items you’ve bought (humm call this ‘active purchase information’), please give humm a shout on 1800 088 151, between 7:30am – 7:30pm Mon - Fri, 7:30am - 5:30pm Sat (AEST) and their Support Team will give you a hand.

When you buy a ‘Big thing’ you’ll pay an establishment fee of $35 to $90 – depending on the amount you’re spending. Then you’ll pay $8 a month. When you buy a ‘Little thing’ with humm, you’ll pay $8 a month.

You’ll only ever pay a single $8 monthly fee regardless of the number of ongoing ‘Big things’ or ‘Little things’ Payment Plans you have.

For full details read your continuing credit Payment Plan agreement.

Dealing with retailers

All requests to cancel purchases with humm must be received directly from the retailer. Please get in touch with them directly to cancel your purchase.

Fees and charges

Not much! Check out our table of fees and charges on here.